Thursday, August 27, 2009

12 Days and Biggest Loser

Since I haven't posted in over a month, my "12 days" have come and gone. It went well...for those 12 days. Then, I let my guard down and all the good that did happen quickly reversed itself.

A few weeks ago, someone at work decided that we needed to have a Biggest Loser competition. I am super excited and determined to WIN. Not that I'm competitive or anything... We have about 40 people that have signed up. We each contributed $10 and the winner takes all. We are divided into men and women for the 1st place prize. Then we have lots of smaller teams competing against each other - to make it more interesting and keep everyone motivated.

We had our first weigh in on Monday and will continue to weigh in every Monday until the week of Thanksgiving. I've done good so far this week. I haven't exercised as much as I would like but I'm hoping to put in some extra time this weekend. I also need to find my Weight Watcher material. I did their program a few years ago and had a lot of success. Hopefully, it will work as well this time too.

Hopefully, I will do a better job keeping this updated this time. We will find out our ranking (% of weight lost) by Tuesday of each week so I'll try to post that. I'm getting out all my old skinny clothes as motivation and I'm dreaming about what I can do with the money if/when I win. I definitely want to be Calvary's Biggest Loser!!