Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday!

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  • I did not get up at 4:15am this morning, get dressed to go to the gym, and realize half way there that my wedding ring was missing. I did not almost hyperventilate because I only (seriously) take it off when I dry my hair and it can't come off by itself and I had no recollection of taking it off. When I got to the gym, I was not still so freaked out and upset that I just drove through the parking lot and went back home. And I most certainly did not cry with relief when I found it under my husband in the bed. (btw, I have no idea how it came off of my hand - I am very perplexed...)
  • I did not go to three stores over the weekend looking for thin, soft pants for Kaden to wear until it gets colder. Upon analyzing my disappointment over not finding what I wanted, I did not realize that I wanted said pants because they would be comfortable enough for him to sleep in and wear the next day (after his bath, of course...and only if he didn't pee through his diaper during the night, of course) thus eliminating one step in my hectic morning routine. And, I most certainly did not call my mom and admit this to her and she most certainly did not lecture me about how she always ironed my clothes and even if he was just going to daycare where he would get dirty and wrinkled anyway, it does not justify me letting him sleep in his clothes. All children should sleep in pajamas..always.

Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everybody say "Jump, Jump"

Since Abby and Kaden's birthdays are exactly a month apart, Josh and I decided (well, actually I decided, but he agreed) that we should get them one big present. I've had my heart set on them having a trampoline for a few months so I researched them and found one that we love. Thanks to the help of Josh's parents and brother, we got it put together last Saturday. The kids LOVE it. Josh and I are having lots of fun on it too. (I made sure to get one with a forgiving 'maximum weight limit'). Here are some pictures of the inaugural jump.

Abby's first jump
(shhh...we hadn't put the safety enclosure on yet)

Kaden's first jump

I was much happier with the safety enclosure than I was expecting to be. For some reason, I've always thought they looked very redneck-ish. However, ours is totally black and doesn't stand out too much in our yard. Another bonus...once you zip the enclosure shut, you can fasten the hooks on the outside so that whoever is inside jumping can't get out. Abby and Kaden spend 30-45 minutes each time I let them jump. Woo-hoo!!

My Big Boy

Well, my baby is a baby no more... Kaden turned 2 on Sunday. I still can't believe it. Although, I can believe that he's developed this two year old attitude. Geez. What happened to my little boy who cried like you broke his heart every time you told him 'no'? He totally knows how to use his little boy charm too. Here are some pictures from his birthday. Of course, he wouldn't take a nap and fell asleep on the way to his party so he wasn't much for the singing and presents. However, bring out the cake and he was totally into it.

Sunday morning before church - wearing his "Birthday Boy" shirt.

Guest of honor

Blowing out the candles

Enjoying the cake - both of them!