Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everybody say "Jump, Jump"

Since Abby and Kaden's birthdays are exactly a month apart, Josh and I decided (well, actually I decided, but he agreed) that we should get them one big present. I've had my heart set on them having a trampoline for a few months so I researched them and found one that we love. Thanks to the help of Josh's parents and brother, we got it put together last Saturday. The kids LOVE it. Josh and I are having lots of fun on it too. (I made sure to get one with a forgiving 'maximum weight limit'). Here are some pictures of the inaugural jump.

Abby's first jump
(shhh...we hadn't put the safety enclosure on yet)

Kaden's first jump

I was much happier with the safety enclosure than I was expecting to be. For some reason, I've always thought they looked very redneck-ish. However, ours is totally black and doesn't stand out too much in our yard. Another bonus...once you zip the enclosure shut, you can fasten the hooks on the outside so that whoever is inside jumping can't get out. Abby and Kaden spend 30-45 minutes each time I let them jump. Woo-hoo!!

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