Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year ~ A New Me

Wow! I can't believe we're at the start of a new year. I feel like this is going to be a banner year for our family. Josh and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary next week and are tentatively planning a trip to Hawaii in June. Kaden will start kindergarten in the fall and we'll probably get serious about deciding on more children.

I love new beginnings and fresh starts. However, I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with so many things that I want to change/accomplish/start/stop that I burn out within a few weeks. So, I'm trying to be very intentional and conscious of the areas where I want to improve. I want to take small steps that will lead to lasting changes.

One thing that has had a huge impact on me the last few weeks is a blog I stumbled upon called A Slob Comes Clean. It is written by a precious gal/lady/young woman (no word sounds correct) who is completely honest and open about her struggle with being a slob. I spent every spare minute I could find catching up from her very first post a few years ago. I can't even tell you how many posts I cried through because I.am.her. I was (and still am) amazed at how she put how I think/feel/process things into words that described me perfectly. It is such a wonderful, freeing feeling to know I'm not alone in my struggle to stay on top of housework. So, I'm trying to approach my house with a different attitude. I haven't implemented any of her strategies yet but I've started making small changes that I hope will have a lasting impact. And, I've decluttered almost all of our kitchen cabinets the last 3 days. I even took pictures to post here but my camera is downstairs and I can't feel my legs (thanks to Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred). I'll upload them soon, though.

I hope to use this blog to chronicle what I'm up to...what's working and what's not...progress that I'm making in different areas... No promises as to how much or how often but hopefully more often than not.

Yep, I think it's going to be a great year :-)