Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Whew! It's been a long time since I've posted. Things have been super busy and I hope to get this blog updated soon!! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading what I did not do this week.

  • I am not super excited about going to see the Transiberian Orchestra on Friday.

  • I did not think up a great, sexy outfit to wear to the concert and head to the mall yesterday to find it.

  • I did not look through the entire store for a blue jean skirt and was not very irritated when I didn't find one.

  • I did not happen to walk through the maternity section and did not see the perfect skirt on sale!!

  • I most certainly did not try it on, love it, and actually buy it!!

  • I am not hoping that the thigh highs and boots I am not planning to wear distract my hubby so he doesn't realize that I'm not wearing a maternity skirt!!

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Keyona said...

Not THAT is too funny... :o)

S.L.P said...

Ha ha! If the shoe...I mean skirt fits wear it! I hope he doesn't notice and you have a great time!

Liz said...

You are too funny!!! I love that you are wearing a blue jean skirt...these are my favorites!!! I am going out on a girls night tonight (OMG...really!!!) and will be wearing my new jean skirt with my knee high boots!!

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