Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snow Day

I hoped that we would have at least one good snow this year. You know, the kind that shuts everything down for a day or two. Which, around here, only takes about 3-4 inches. So, when it started snowing on Sunday night, March 1, I was super excited. When our power went out around 11:30pm, my excitement started to wane. (Thankfully, when it flickered an hour earlier, Josh and I gathered all the flashlights/lanterns just in case.) We turned the logs on and went to bed fully believing it would be one in the morning. No such luck. The power company said it could take up to two days to get it restored. Since I was not staying at home with both kids and no power by myself, Josh agreed to take the day off as well. Thankfully, we have family close by that had power so we loaded up and headed to their house. We spent the day playing Wii and eating junk food and fun was had by all. Praise the Lord, the power came back on later that night. I am now officially ready for Spring.

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