Monday, August 18, 2008

When will I learn?

Abby and Kaden both love art. They love to color, cut, glue, create. They totally get that from their dad. It stresses me out to be creative.

Anyway, we were at my parents' last weekend and Abby was "working" at my dad's desk. She was supposed to be laying on the bed resting...which is why the rest of us were not around (we were doing what we were supposed to be doing - NAP!!) After some time, she came prancing down the hall to debut her latest creation. Guess what she had been doing?? Any one??

Wanna know what that is? It's white-out!! She painted her arm with white-out!! And, of course, she didn't show us until it was dry. Know what gets white-out off of your skin? NOTHING!! We tried everything we could think of (except Goo B Gone, which probably would have worked). Finally, Josh decided to try WD-40. It broke it up enough that we could peel it off. Of course we were trying to get to a bridal shower for my best friends sister where I wanted to show off my beautiful, well behaved, intelligent children. Everyone loved the story (and the kids)!!

Another day, another disaster...

We were having friends over to celebrate Josh's birthday (and new job). Abby wanted to color at the kitchen table. Since I needed to straighten up, I obliged. She wanted to use the markers and once Kaden heard her say that, he wanted to color too. (He prefers markers, of course). They were sitting at the table, sharing, and coloring quietly. I went to the office to order our food.

At the exact moment I hung up and started back to the kitchen, Kaden comes walking in with marker all over his face. Purple marker...everywhere. I noticed that the marker didn't have the tip on it. That's right, he had pulled the purple tip out with his teeth (thankfully I found it later). I was ready to grab my camera when Abby said, "I told him not to mark on the couch" What?!? I ran to the living room and he had drawn all over our light beige couch with the bright purple marker. Thank the Lord for washable fabric and markers. I was able to get most of it out of the couch. Sheesh!! Needless to say, the markers have been banished.

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