Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 Days

Tomorrow we are kicking off the first 12 days of our new diet healthy eating plan. My mom and dad are both on board too. Josh is along for the ride because he tends to do a better job with menu planning and actually sticking to the plan.

We aren't following a specific plan - just eating healthier with the goal of no cheating for the 12 days. Momma is reading Mike Huckabee's book and 12 days is what he suggests to get started. He also suggests only 12 minutes of exercise but I am planning to do Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

I am planning to keep a record of my progress on here. Hopefully it will be good accountability. I really need to make a change. This is probably the worst I've felt about myself since right after Abby was born.

I've debated all day about posting a "before" picture. But, as I told Mom last night, if you know me in real life you know this is what I look like. So, there's no point in hiding it. Plus, it will motivate me to try harder to have an awesome "after" picture.

I went to the doctor last week because I have been feeling lightheaded several times a day. They did a complete blood workup and thankfully everything looked great. I am supposed to monitor my blood pressure for the next six weeks because it fluctuated so much while I was there. My appointment is 5 weeks from Wednesday. I have decided not to weigh myself until that appointment.

Because I want the accountability that comes with total honesty, I am going to share my current weight and my goals for the next weeks/months. And, well, because I think a little humiliation may help my motivation too.

So, here goes...
Mother's Day

Current weight - 186


  • 12 days with no cheating
  • at least 12 minutes of exercise every day - hopefully 20 minutes with Jillian
  • lose 10-15 pounds before my doctor's appointment
  • lose 40-50 pounds total (at 2lbs/week that should be around Christmas)

Well, I'm off to bed to get ready for this adventure. Please feel free to ask me about how it's going. And lots of encouraging comments would be nice too. :-)

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